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Travel credits

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When one of our trains is late, VIA Rail does everything possible to rectify the situation quickly. However, some service disruptions can create delays that are impossible to make up. Under certain circumstances, we may even replace the train with an alternate mode of transportation. In some cases, you can request to be compensated with a travel credit.

VIA Rail offers travel credits for delays exceeding one hour or trips replaced by alternate transportation when the final destination is in the Québec City - Windsor corridor. In such cases, the travel credit is based on the cost of the portion in the Québec City - Windsor corridor portion only.  

Travel credit conditions vary according to different trains, length of journey, and final destination. Refer to this chart to find out more about travel credit eligibility, validity, and the amount you may be entitled to.

Remember! The conditions of your travel credit are determined by the delay incurred at final destination.

Also, if you are a VIA Préférence member, you can choose to receive five VIA Préférence points for every dollar of credit in lieu of a late train travel credit. Simply send your booking confirmation number or ticket receipt for your ticket to VIA Préférence, with a written request for points.

Notice: Please note that VIA reserves the right to modify or cancel its late train travel credit policy when:

  • faced by major events not under VIA's control such as extreme weather.

  • customers are advised in advance about expected delays for reasons such as track work programs.


To claim a late train travel credit

Depending on your final destination, a delay of one, two or four hours or more entitles you to a travel credit representing 50% of the fare price paid for the delayed journey (excluding accommodation price). 

The value of your travel credit is calculated on the basis of the price before taxes that you paid for the journey affected by the delay. If your tickets are for a round-trip, the travel credit is based on the journey (there or back) during which you experienced a delay, and not on the total price of your tickets, unless your train has been delayed in both directions.

This credit is applicable towards the purchase of a new train ticket or any VIA Rail rail pass (e.g. BizPak, VIA 6 pak, Canrailpass, Corridorpass and Commuterpass) in the following 6 months, depending on the final destination of the delayed train. Refer to this chart.

When you arrive at your final destination at the scheduled time, you are not entitled to a travel credit, even if one or more corresponding trains have been delayed along the way.

To claim a travel credit, you MUST surrender your booking confirmation number or ticket receipt (the remaining portion of your ticket) to one of our ticket offices when purchasing your next ticket.


When trains are replaced by alternate transport

In exceptional circumstances (e.g., when track works cause a section of track to be taken out of service), buses may be used to ensure connections between one or more of our stations.

For the portion of the trip made by bus, we will grant you a travel credit equal to 50% of the fare (taxes not included) you would have paid to travel the same distance by train. In Business, the travel credit is equal to half the price you would have paid in Economy class. Depending on the situation, you might be eligible for a partial refund of the accommodation price.  For trips as of June 15, 2015 credits are not applicable for trips outside the Québec City – Windsor corridor.

Only the segment of your trip travelled by bus will be considered.

As an example, if you are travelling from Montréal to Québec City and must complete the Saint-Hyacinthe/Montréal leg of your trip by bus, you may obtain a credit equal to 50% of the amount you would have paid (taxes not included) for a journey between Saint-Hyacinthe and Montréal.

To claim a travel credit, you MUST surrender your booking confirmation number or ticket receipt (the remaining portion of your ticket) to one of our ticket offices when purchasing your next ticket.


When trains are cancelled with no alternative transportation provided

In exceptional circumstances when VIA must cancel a train service and no alternative transportation is provided, passengers are entitled to a full refund with no service charges.


Travel credits and gift cards cannot be used online

However if you purchase tickets online, you will receive a partial refund for the value of the travel credit or gift card at a ticket office.

In the case of rail passes, if you wish to apply travel credits, late train credits or gift cards, you must buy the rail pass directly at a VIA ticket counter.

Read the full conditions for travel credit.