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Visit Ottawa

Discover Ottawa's attractions and more!

If you need a break from your daily routine and dream of a trip, stay close by and discover must-see tourist attractions when you visit Ottawa. Explore the city with a variety of tours, or delight yourself with its vast selection of restaurants; you won't meet boredom while visiting Ottawa. Take some time for a getaway or an extended stay and discover the city’s charm. And why not relax and enjoy the train at the same time?

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Take advantage of our daily offers to begin your journey to Ottawa. Rest your head comfortably in your seat, get some shuteye and listen to some tunes while relaxing en route to discovery.

The train offers you a travel experience that allows you to relax and enjoy various entertainment services thanks to its Wi-Fi on board. You’ll arrive at your destination fresh and ready to start exploring.

Ottawa train station gives you easy access to downtown, and several other destinations are accessible by public transit.

What to do in Ottawa

What to do this winter in Ottawa's centretown

What to do this winter in Ottawa's centretown

From heated cocktails to “glowing” attractions and haunted walks, discover all the exciting winter activities in Ottawa's centretown.

What to do this winter in Ottawa's centretown

What to do this winter in Ottawa's centretown

From heated cocktails to “glowing” attractions and haunted walks, discover all the exciting winter activities in Ottawa's centretown.


Our suggestions for things to do in Ottawa

Parliament Hill and Buildings

The House of Commons and the Senate in Ottawa offers free guided tours that delve into Canadian history and explain the workings of the political system.

  • All year long

Canadian War Museum

The Canadian War Museum of Ottawa is more than a museum that is internationally renowned for its symbolic architecture; it is synonym for inspiring and touching stories.

  • All year long

National Gallery of Canada

Discover contemporary and historical artworks - including paintings, sculptures, photographs and multimedia installations - in this Ottawa landmark site located near the vibrant ByWard Market area.

  • All year long

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Onboard Services

We offer various services on board VIA Rail trains: meals, free Wi-Fi and children's activities.

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Ottawa train station

The Ottawa trains station is well located. From here you can access public transportation, grab a snack, find out how to get around or withdraw money through bank machines in just a few minutes.

Ottawa train station

Need transport to destination?

Ottawa train station provides you access to public transport, car rental or taxis to ensure your trip is hassle-free once at your destination.

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The Walk Score tallies points according to the distance from the main amenities (grocery store, restaurants, laundry, hairdressing, etc.) up to a maximum of 30 minutes of walking. The higher the score, the easier it is to get a hold of everyday goods by walking.

200 Tremblay Road


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Make the right choice

Using the train means choosing a mode of transportation that respects the environment. Traveling by train means a smaller carbon footprint than traveling by car or plane. More and more people choose this transportation deliberately in order to reduce their carbon footprint.

See how taking the train helps preserve the environment.


tonnes of CO 2-e of carbon avoided by VIA Rail trains in 2019 when compared to car travel.


less energy used on average by trains when compared to road transport.

Travel packages

Looking for an all-inclusive package? Through partners, we give you access to a vast selection of train/hotel/activity packages. Enjoy the comfort of VIA trains and an all-inclusive vacation package.

*VIA Rail is responsible for only the rail transportation it provides in connection with the tour package. VIA Rail disclaims liability and is not responsible for any accommodations, services, or features provided or sold by the tour operator or other transportation included in the tour package.

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