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Youth & student travellers

A safe way to travel


Enjoy some me-time

Ready to get moving again? With our complimentary Wi-Fi, you can study or relax to make the most of your ride.

Travelling safely doesn’t have to be pricey

Whether you’re travelling between school and home or going on a getaway, you’ll love our savings!


Take advantage of our best rates and go farther with your travel budget.

Find the best prices

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Preparing your trip should be painless!

We have the tools you need so you can focus on planning what to do at destination.



Travelling safely together

To ensure your safety and the safety of others, face masks are required for all passengers. Be sure to bring yours! Learn more about our preventive measures..



Subscribe to our train alert service and follow your train in real-time on our tracking map.



Get the most up-to-date information regarding our current train service.

snacks & drink


Food on the go

You can bring your own food on the train (but no alcohol!). For those who don't like to cook, we do have snacks and meals available to purchase.

Travel that feeds the soul

Looking for inspiration, want to study or you just want to relax? We've got you covered.

Built-in electrical outlets


Never run out of power

Each seat has its own power outlet, so you can charge your devices at any time.

On board WI-FI


Browse, post and share all you want with our complimentary Wi-Fi.

Snacks & Drinks


Don't worry! Enjoy a great selection of light meals and refreshing beverages during your trip.

Let's explore!

Travel options and ideas available at your destination.



Travel by taxi,shuttle or public transit with many mixed-mode commuting options available from our stations.


Don’t just travel – have an experience

VIA Préférence #Reward program

Start travelling for free

VIA Préférence members who travel aboard VIA Rail earn 1 point for every $1 spent. And you'll love this! VIA Préférence offers a Welcome Bonus of 500 points to all new members who spend $250 or more on VIA Rail travel within six months of registration.

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