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Conference fares

Conference fares

Are you planning a conference or a symposium? Participants may be able to enjoy a discount on the best-available fare in all classes. Learn how to offer them an exciting discount by simply filling out the form below.

Requests must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the planned event. A minimum of 50 participants is required to obtain a discount on VIA Rail fares.

If you’re a conference attendee, do not complete this form. Simply contact the event planner to find out if you are eligible for this special fare. If you already have a discount code for the conference you are attending, please enter it when booking your tickets online using these simple instructions.

Please note that unless otherwise stated, all fields are mandatory.

Contact informations
If the name is officially bilingual, please write it in both languages. Separate the French and English names with a slash (/).

Some reminders about conference fares:

Tickets are subject to the conditions and restrictions of the fare plan to which the additional discount is being applied.

Discount does not apply to tickets issued on employee rail passes or pass products including BizPak, Canrailpass or Corridorpass. This discount cannot be combined with corporate fares, contra accounts or any promotional fare plan or coupon-based offer requiring a separate discount code.

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