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Cabin for two with shower (Montréal-Halifax)

A cabin for two is designed for two people.

  • Room size: 2 m X 1.37 m
  • Private toilet room size: 1 m X 1.2 m
  • Private washroom with shower, also equipped with a hair dryer
  • Bed size is approximately 184 cm x 70 cm ( 72½ in x 27½ in)
  • Mirror over sink and outlet for electric razor
  • Day time: large sofa
  • Night time: upper and lower beds
  • Individual control for heating, ventilation and air conditioning system
  • Storage for one carry-on baggage
  • Large window with blind
  • A room service call phone
  • Door can be locked from outside or inside (individual key)
  • Peep-hole mounted on door, smoke and fire detector
  • Emergency push-button alarm located in washroom
  • Shower towels and bodycare articles
  • Other: small closet, drinking water, paper & towels, pillows, sheets and blankets supplied. Passengers may use all services on train.


 Cabin for two persons Man sleeping in a berth in a cabin for two and talking with a woman  Family enjoing their trip in a cabin for two persons 
Cabin for two persons with shower in three dimensions
Double bedroom
Sleeper class car diagram