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Hostelling International Members

Great fares for all. I’m in. Are you?

Become an HI member and get 10% off the best VIA Rail rate* for you and three companions

Experience the best of Canada with HI

Hostelling International (HI/YHA) hostels are an incredible way to see Canada. Hostels are all about minimizing costs and maximizing fun. Canada has 60 of them and many of them can be easily accessed by VIA Rail. From the centre of the country’s biggest cities (and some not so big) to the middle of the Rockies and all the way from the shores of the Pacific to the shores of the Atlantic, there’s a hostel for every type of traveller.

Why hostels?

Hostelling is an inexpensive and social way to travel the way you want to travel. Hostels are fun, casual and communal places, and at HI they adhere to universal quality standards so they're safe and clean, too. Most hostels offer both shared and private rooms and they almost always have a kitchen you can use, so you can save the money you’d otherwise spend on dining out. You’ll find common areas to hang out in and meet fellow travellers from all over the world. Plus, lots of hostels offer regular activities and tours to get you better acquainted with wherever you are. HI staff love travel just as much as you do so they’re always willing to help you out and give you tips.

Save even more

With a Hostelling International membership, you’ll save 10% every time you stay at an HI hostel and the discount goes well beyond Canada. There are over 4,000 HI hostels in 90 countries around the world and your HI-Membership saves you money at all of them.

Buy yours now at or find out where to get one in person

*NOTE: Applies to all purchases of VIA train tickets, other than Escape fare and Prestige Sleeper Class, any promotional fare requiring a discount code, multi-trip pass products, and any other promotion, offer, discount or fare where the conditions specify that it cannot be combined with other discounts.