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Limit of liability


VIA disclaims all liability for carry-on baggage missing, lost or damaged. VIA accepts limited liability for checked baggage only.

Checked baggage

VIA does accept limited liability, but only for checked baggage. . This liability is limited to personal baggage – that is, to clothing, personal effects, and other articles packed for your comfort and well-being, and to articles other than personal baggage that can be carried in the baggage car.

• Claims for damaged baggage or stolen items must be reported to a VIA agent at the location where the baggage is claimed, before the passenger leaves the station.

VIA Rail accepts no liability for:

  • Damage due to poor packaging
  • Exterior damage to the protective case or covering
  • Damaged items inside any piece of baggage if there is no sign of damage to the exterior
  • Minor scratches, nicks, marks or dirt considered normal wear and tear, which may occur despite all necessary care taken during handling
  • Theft, if the suitcase was not locked or the box was not closed and sealed with adhesive tape


Maximum liability of $250

Items transported at the owner’s risk

(no liability)

  • Bicycles in boxes
  • Bicycles on the bike rack
  • Camping equipment
  • Outboard motors
  • Musical instrument
  • Baby items
  • Bicycles in a bag
  • Items intended for sale
  • Items intended for another person
  • Luggage racks
  • Perishable goods*
  • Sailboards and masts
  • Tennis racquets
  • Tools and toolboxes
  • Trunks



** Perishable food and liquid must be transported in an airtight container sealed with tape (hard-plastic or metal coolers only; styrofoam coolers are not accepted). These items must be claimed at your arrival (no baggage room service).

* Make sure your belongings are properly packed and secured. Place your items in their original box or a rigid container to ensure adequate protection. A plastic or paper bag is not enough. You can purchase protective boxes and bags in the main stations

If you place your belongings in a box, tie it closed with a string. This will make it easier for handling, as the string can serve as a handle and be used for attaching the baggage tag.

Baggage check

To ensure the safety of all travellers, we reserve the right to check all baggage.

Note: Rates and regulations are subject to change without notice.