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Checked baggage

Checked baggage

Checked baggage includes suitcases, backpacks, sporting goods (golf bags, skis, etc.), and musical instruments (restrictions apply).

Checked baggage allowance

2 large checked items. Maximum weight per item: 23 kg (50 lb.). Maximum linear dimensions per item: 158 cm (62 in.)

A baby (up to age 2) without a paid seat (sitting on their parent’s lap) is only entitled to the carry-on baggage allowance, while an infant with a seat is entitled to the checked baggage allowance.

Items weighing more than 32 kg (70 lb.) or measuring more than 180 cm (71 in.) are not permitted, unless they are considered oversized outdoor equipment (bicycles, canoes, skis, etc.) *Please note some items require 48hr notice.

If you intend to make a connection with one of our partners, please visit their website for complete details on their baggage policy.

Verify that your train offers a checked baggage service: a checked baggage service is available at some stations and on a certain number of trains. Before travelling, be sure to confirm that this service is offered on your train. Baggage must be checked at least 45 minutes before departure at terminal stations and 30 minutes at intermediate stations. Also, be sure to confirm at what time the station opens.

For security reasons, baggage is not allowed on board without its owner. The transport of bicycles is an exception to this regulation. Note that certain sizes of bicycles can be considered as hand baggage, see the heading for all the information.

Remember to label each piece of baggage with your name, home address, telephone number and email address.

Maximum size and weight restrictions

Overweight baggage Between 23 and 32 kg (50 and 70 lb.). $40 (tax included) per item and per direction.
Oversized baggage Between 158 and 180 linear cm (62 and 71 linear in.)· Linear dimensions = length + width + height. $40 (tax included) per item and per direction.
Extra baggage Maximum 3 additional items per person. $40 (tax included) per item and per direction.

*Surcharges for overweight or oversized items do not apply when you pay for extra baggage.

Baggage weighing more than 32 kg (70 lbs) or measuring more than 180 cm (71 in) are not allowed, unless it is considered bulky outdoor baggage (bicycles, canoes, skis, etc.).

Pack your bags with care

Make sure your belongings are properly packed and well protected. All items must be transported in their original box or in a rigid container providing adequate protection. Boxes must be tied with twine, which will serve as a handle and can also be used to attach a baggage tag.

Items available for sale*

  • Cardboard box (1 to 4 cu. ft.): $1 to $4
  • Ski bag: $5
  • Bicycle bag: $5
  • Bicycle box: $18

*Items for sale at certain stations only. Please verify in advance if the station from which you are departing has these items in stock. If not, you must provide your own.

If you are packing your belongings in a box, make them easier to handle by tying them off with a rope, which can be used as a handle and to which the luggage tag can be attached.

If you are planning a connection with one of our travel partners, please consult their website for information on their baggage policy.

Additional items allowed

Battery-powered vehicles and devices

Batteries are accepted as hand luggage without limit of Wh

Battery powered vehicles and devices include: hoverboards, air Boards, electric skateboards, air wheels, mini-Segway’s, balance wheels, battery-assisted bikes, and electric scooters.

Important Restrictions:

  • The station employee can inspect lithium batteries
  • It is forbidden to store batteries in the passenger area
  • It is forbidden to connect the batteries to a charger
  • Lithium batteries must be stored in baggage areas only