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What's important for you to know before you get on the train.

Planning your departure

Wondering how early you need to be in the station before your departure? Our Useful Info page will tell you everything you need to know.

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Seat selection, food and drinks, complimentary Wi-Fi... Discover all the services offered on board to make the most of your trip!

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Boarding Pass

Skip the line, online

  • An email with a barcode and boarding pass will be sent to you when you book your ticket online.
  • Display your boarding pass barcode on your mobile device or present a printed version.
  • Bring along a government-issued photo ID upon request at the boarding gate and on board the train.

The trip confirmation, receipt, and boarding pass(es) will be sent to the main contact of your booking, along with useful information for your next trip. By providing a distinct email address for each passenger, everyone will receive a copy of their boarding pass, as well as having access to their complete booking and being able to make changes to it. You can even add your boarding pass to your digital wallet, on Apple or Android.

You can access your reservation at all times by logging into your profile or by entering your first name/last name/booking number by clicking here. You will be able to access your boarding pass (print or download them) and resend them to the email address in the booking.

Having your boarding pass emailed to you means you won't need to get it printed at the station. It's an easy way to save time and have a stress-free travel experience.

Check your train schedule

Planning a trip in the next day or so? Take a look at the train schedules to ensure you get to your station on time.

How will I receive my boarding pass?

Boarding pass(es) will be sent to main contact of your booking. By providing a distinct email address for each passenger, everyone will also receive a copy of their boarding pass.

What's on the boarding passes?

The boarding pass will have a barcode, which means you have the option of either printing out your boarding pass at your convenience or simply displaying the bar code on your mobile device.

What type of device can I use to access my boarding pass?

You can access your boarding pass from almost any mobile device equipped with an internet browser as well as data and e-mail services.

What is the difference between a booking confirmation and a boarding pass?

You receive a booking confirmation when you complete your booking on You can print this confirmation, but it cannot be used to board the train.

Please note that your purchase receipt and boarding pass(es) will be sent in the same email to the main contact of your booking. If a passenger’s email address is provided, they will also receive their boarding passes, which they will need to present to the on-board crew.

What should I do if I lose or forget my boarding pass?

By clicking on the “Boarding pass” button on your booking page, you can access your boarding passes, save them, print them and/or resend them by email.

You may also print out another copy of the boarding pass email you received, or use your mobile device to show your boarding pass.


If you have questions that are not answered in these pages or are unsure about the options available to you, please do not hesitate to contact us:

1-888-VIA-RAIL (1-888-842-7245)

TTY 1-800-268-9503 (persons who are deaf or hard-of-hearing)

Train Alert Service

By subscribing to the VIA Train-Alert service, you will be notified of delays and of any major schedule changes for your VIA train. Alerts are sent by email or SMS (text messaging).