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Can I use points for only a part of my trip? 

If you have enough points to pay for one or more eligible items in your booking, you will be given the option on the “Review & Pay” screen. If you have multiple items in your booking that are eligible to be paid with points, they'll be listed separately, and the number of points required for each one will be displayed.

Example: If you're purchasing a ticket as well baggage, you'll see them listed as two separate items: Fare(s) and Extra baggage. Each item will have the number of points associated with it, and you can choose which item(s) you'd like to redeem your points for. Another form of payment can be used to pay for the rest.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Not all items can be paid for with points (gift cards, for example), therefore we'll only show you the items that are eligible.
  • The points displayed for each item are those required for all passengers in your reservation and all of their trips.
  • If you don't have enough points for all passengers or trips, or do not wish to use your points for all passengers or trips, you'll have to make separate bookings.

Example: You're purchasing two roundtrips, one for you and one for a family member. The total number of points required for the item “Fare(s)” is 2,000 points and covers all four tickets. Your balance is 1,200 points, so the option to pay for this item with points is not available. However, you have enough points for two tickets, so you could choose to make two separate bookings (one for both of your outbound trips and one for both of your inbound trips) and pay for one of them with points.