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The ocean 

Stretch out in your cozy quarters. Enjoy the moment with friends and family. Lose track of time… and cross the Maritimes in a single day.

1 night /
1 day
Sleeper Plus
and Economy Class


To provide a safe travel experience, various measures will be implemented, including enhanced cleaning, air ventilation system upgrades and modified onboard services.
More details on our schedule.


Sleeper Plus and Economy classes will be offered.


Access to common spaces (lounge cars) is currently suspended. The Dining car will be available using a reservation system for Sleeper Plus passengers.

We ask that all passengers limit their movements within the train and remain in their cabin or at their assigned seats for the duration of the trip.

Passengers are advised that based on the current train configuration, some seats and rooms are backward facing. Although we strive our best to provide forward-facing seats and rooms to passengers whenever possible, during peak periods this may not be possible.


Passengers will be required to wear their mask at all times in stations and on board the trains, except when in an enclosed space such as a cabin or temporarily when eating or drinking (passengers are required to put their mask back on immediately afterwards).


The Dining car will be open to Sleeper Plus passengers. A reservation system will be in place to allow and control access. Room service will be offered for those who do not want to go to the dining car, during exceptional situations such as high occupancy in the dining car or as a result of changing health and safety regulations.

At-seat food cart service will be offered in Economy class.

We will continue to offer our standard menu items where possible. However we may be required to modify certain offerings in order to better serve you during this time.

Bar service has been temporarily suspended.

Lounge cars

Access to the Service car (lounge car) has been suspended at this time.


Activities and entertainment (including music) have been cancelled.

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