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AD75 Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your interest in our Travel Agent fare program. This program is intended to provide our valued agent partners with the opportunity to experience VIA Rail first hand by travelling with agent rates on routes throughout our network. VIA has a limited number of e-codes available throughout the year and requests may be sent to .

We will respond to your request as quickly as possible however, please note that due to the high level of interest in our program, approvals can take up to 14 days to process.

When making your request please include the following information:

  1. Your full name:
  2. Your company name:
  3. Your business email address:
  4. Your phone number:
  5. Your IATA number or Tour Operator account number:
  6. Are you currently selling VIA Rail?
  7. If yes, which routes and which type of service (leisure, corporate)?
  8. If no, do you anticipate selling VIA in the future?
  9. Travel date if known

Prior to making your request please review our full terms and conditions to ensure that your trip meets our eligibility criteria.  Please also check with your branch or agency manager to determine if your agency has already received e-codes from VIA.  All requests will be answered as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your continued partnership and we look forward to welcoming you aboard!

Valid for travel on all VIA Rail Canada routes and between all stations.

01JUL21 – 30JUN22

Tickets may only be booked and purchased within 21 days of the departure for each leg of a one-way or round-trip.

Escape, Economy, Business, Touring or any “Discounted’ Sleeper class.
Not valid in Prestige class, Economy Plus or Business Plus classes.

75% off the full Economy, Business, or Touring fare. For travel in sleeper class, 75% off of the full summer season fare, regardless of travel dates.

No changes are permitted. If a change must be made, the ticket must be refunded, and a new e-code requested.

Refundable without service charge provided cancellation takes place prior to scheduled train departure time. When a refund is issued the unique serial code will become invalid and a new code must be requested from VIA Rail though e-mail address.

To book online on, log into your profile if you have one or create a new one. To view fares with the discount applied, enter “AD7521” in the “Discount Code” box prior to checking availability.
Proceed with your booking. In the “Passenger Information” section, select “Promotional or Convention Discount” as the Discount Type, and enter “AD7521” as the Discount Code.
A unique serial number is required for each passenger travelling and you will be able to enter this while imputing “Passenger Information”. The fare will be adjusted if the conditions of AD7521 program are met.
To book through the call centre, station or travel agent, advise the agent that you are requesting discount “AD7521” prior to purchasing your ticket and have your serial number(s) on hand.

For Travel Agents, each person travelling must be in possession of a valid ACTA, IATA/IATAN, CLIA or UFTAA Travel Industry ID which must be presented, along with government-issued photo ID matching the name of the passenger, upon request, including on-board the train during ticket validation. Tour Operators may present a signed letter of introduction on company letterhead and government-issued photo ID matching the name of the passenger.

Not applicable to Group Fares. Cannot be combined with any other discount or fare plan which requires the use of a Discount Code. Not applicable to the purchase of passes or discount cards. Not valid for travel companions or escorts. Tickets issued under this program are non-commissionable and are subject to VIA Rail’s stopover policy which can be found on

Agents are only eligible to travel once annually on the same route, in the same class of service. An agent holding multiple AD7521 e-codes may travel multiple times on different routes or may book the same route in different classes of service but may not book an identical trip more than once in a given year. VIA monitors redemption of AD7521 unique codes and may restrict future travel from agents disregarding this condition.

Note: A serial number is valid for one person and one booking only and cannot be shared or re-used, including cases where the booking is ultimately cancelled and refunded. In these cases, a new serial number must be requested from VIA Rail’s Sales department through the email address.

We will respond to your request as quickly as possible however, please note that due to the high level of interest in our program, approvals can take up to 14 days to process.

To get the fastest answer to your questions, please review our FAQ before sending your questions by email.  You might find the answer to your question here!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who qualifies for an AD75 rate?

Travel Agents and Tour Operators with appropriate ID (see terms and conditions) qualify for the AD7520 program.

  1. Are we on the list to receive vouchers for this year?

We no longer send vouchers (now known as e-codes) annually as our program is now demand based.  This allows us to send e-codes to the maximum number of agents. Agents are invited to request discount codes at any time.  Please provide the information requested on our web page and send your request by email to

  1. How long does it take to get an AD75 voucher or e code?

Our current processing time is up to 14 business days.

Your request will be processed according to the order it is received.

  1. I have an urgent request – can I get a voucher more quickly?

We cannot guarantee that you will get a voucher in time to accommodate your urgent request. 

Due to the volume of requests that we receive (many of them urgent) we process requests in the order we receive them.  In fairness to others who are waiting, we ask that you respect the posted processing time.  If this does not allow you to travel at a discounted rate using a voucher, we suggest you book an escape fare if available and use your AD75 voucher for a future trip.

  1. How many vouchers can I request at a time?

As indicated in our terms and conditions, agents are eligible to travel an identical itinerary (same route, same class of service) once annually.  Therefore, typically only one voucher is requested at a time by individual agents and requests are made once actual travel is anticipated.    If you are making your request on behalf of more than one agent, you may request multiple vouchers however, each agent’s IATA number and traveler name (if known) must be provided.

  1. How much will my discount be?  When I book it doesn’t seem to give me 75% off.

You will receive a 75% discount off our full fare.  While you must book your ticket in one of the indicated booking classes, your discount is not applied to the displayed fare, it applies to the full fare economy or business class ticket.

  1. Can I bring a companion?

There is no companion travel program currently.

  1. Can you help me book my itinerary or seats?

As with any other itinerary, you are invited to call our support desk for booking assistance or to book seats.  Our AD75 team does not have access to our reservation system and cannot access files.

Customer Support

Customer Support Desk (7 days a week)

VIA Bookings Office Toll free (within North America) 1 888 842-0744.

Technical Support:

Agency Support Desk (Monday to Friday)

Toll-Free (within North America) 1 800 361-8010.

  1. Are we still able to get the paper AD75 vouchers?

No.  Our program is entirely electronic.   All that is required is the e code that has been provided to you.  There are no paper vouchers to exchange and you are only required to show your ID on board.

  1. Do you still have vouchers available?

If our website request information is still posted, we have vouchers available.  If we are no longer taking requests this will be indicated on our web page.

  1. I haven’t received a response to my request.  Should I follow up?

If it is still within the 14-day processing time, there is no need to follow up.  You will receive a response within that time frame. 

  1. I have a general question about the program.  Who should I contact?

For general questions that cannot be answered through information found on our web page, or for technical support, please contact our trade support desk.

Customer Support

Customer Support Desk (7 days a week)

VIA Bookings Office Toll free (within North America) 1 888 842-0744.

Technical Support:

Agency Support Desk (Monday to Friday) ,

Toll-Free (within North America) 1 800 361-8010.