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Prohibited items

Prohibited items

Certain items are not accepted as baggage on our trains, either because they do not correspond to the authorized size and weight limits, or because they represent a risk for the safety of travelers.

We will not transport items that are poorly packaged or too fragile to withstand normal handling. Nor will we accept items weighing more than 32 kg (70 lb.) or measuring more than 180 cm (6 ft.), except skis and oversized outdoor equipment.

The following items are not accepted as checked baggage on board VIA Rail trains.

  • Cameras and photography equipment (you are free to bring your camera on board with you, but VIA will not be held liable for any damage it may sustain).
  • Dangerous goods (fireworks, flammable items, radioactive materials, etc.).
  • Perishable goods transported in polystyrene or any other type of non-hermetic container.
  • Fragile items (antiques, artwork, etc.).
  • Household goods (small appliances, porcelain, clocks, furniture, sewing machines, silverware, etc.).
  • Tow bars, trailer hitches, etc.
  • Fishing rods without cases.
  • Liquids (including toiletry items such as perfume, which must always be kept in your carry-on baggage).
  • Construction materials. These are not considered personal or oversized baggage (see the non-standard items section for more information), and VIA reserves the right to refuse them at any time. Please contact freight companies serving your area.
  • Office equipment (photocopiers, etc.).
  • Electronics (televisions, computers, video games, etc.).
  • Valuables (credit cards, stamp or coin collections, precious stones or minerals, irreplaceable papers or manuscripts, jewellery, money, watches, etc.).
  • Plants.
  • Controlled or illegal substances.
  • Motorized vehicles such as snowmobiles, ATVs and personal watercraft (ATVs, motor boats and snowmobiles are accepted on trains 185 and 186 only).
  • Compressed oxygen cylinders (except for medical use, see the medical articles section) .
  • Hoverboards, electric skateboards, Airwheels, mini Segways and devices equipped with a stabilizing system are not permitted.
  • Perishable goods are not permitted, and we will not be held liable for checked money or negotiable instruments (cheques, bank drafts, money orders, etc.).
  • Funeral urns: since VIA cannot take such responsibility, this item is refused as checked baggage. If a customer wishes to bring an urn, they should bring it on board the train with their hand luggage.
  • Lobster cooked in a carry-on cardboard box packed from the fish market. We can, however, accept cooked lobster as a checked item if it is hermetically sealed on ice in a hard sided cooler. Hermetically sealed means taped in an airtight container to ensure no leakage.

Items transported at the owner’s risk

The following items are transported at your risk. You will be required to sign a waiver releasing VIA Rail from all liability. We suggest checking your personal insurance coverage with your insurer.

  • Items intended for another person
  • Items intended for sale
  • Baby items
  • Perishable goods
  • Boxes of clothing
  • Books, CDs, cassettes or videotapes
  • Trunks
  • Tools and toolboxes
  • Sailboards and masts
  • Luggage racks
  • Tennis racquets
  • Tires We will transport tires placed in bags, but not tires on rims or rims alone.
  • Bicycles*

*Protecting your bicycle

Bicycles require special protection. We recommend storing your bicycle in a special protective box available at major train stations. Handlebars must be turned around and pedals removed. Be sure to bring whatever tools you’ll need, as they are not provided.

If you are unable to remove the pedals, we can provide a protective bag to wrap them with. However, if your bike is not placed in a box, VIA Rail assumes no liability for damages.

Items prohibited as hand baggage on Corridor trains (Québec-Windsor)


Lithium metal or lithium-ion cells or batteries

Small vehicles powered by lithium batteries are not accepted.

Battery powered vehicles and devices include: hoverboards, Air Boards, electric skateboards, air wheels, mini-Segway’s, balance wheels, battery-assisted bikes, and electric scooters.

* Lithium-ion batteries with a watt-hour (Wh) rating of 100 Wh or less are accepted in small carry-on baggage.

Corrosive or dangerous chemicals or materials

Acids, alkalis, rust preventing or removing compounds, raveled dioxide solution are not accepted.

Bleach, tear gas, radioactive and harmful bacteriological materials.

Explosives and flammable items

Flammable liquids or solids are not accepted as carry-on or checked baggage. They include: gasoline, petroleum essences, oil paints, hairspray, dyes, shellac, oils, methyl alcohol, lighter fluid and heating oil, matches, charcoal briquettes and any other flammable item.

Firearms and ammunition

Hunting rifles, rifles, bb guns, paintball marker guns, biathlon rifles.

Taser gun, compressed air guns.

Martial arts and self-defence items

Billy Clubs, nightsticks, nunchakus, baton, weapons replica, machete.

Sharp objects

Such as knives, including hunting knives, Swiss Army knives and chef’s knives (e.g. meat cleavers), machetes, axes, utility knives and other dangerous sharp objects.

Office equipment

Such as: photocopiers, computers, computer monitors with cathode ray tubes.

Oxygen equipment, cylinders and extinguishers for butane, propane, carbon dioxide or nitrogen (under pressure) are not accepted.

Only oxygen equipment for medical reasons is allowed on board, with restrictions (see the medical articles section).



Bows, crossed bows and arrows.


On-duty police officers and other authorized armed personnel provided they have given prior notification to VIA Rail Police.

Battery powered mobility aids

Batteries used in motorized wheelchairs or similar devices for the mobility-impaired are allowed.