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What to do in Moncton

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City of Moncton by night

Deemed “Most Polite City in Canada” by Readers Digest, Moncton is located in the southeast region of New Brunswick and is encompassed by the Unesco Fundy Biosphere Reserve. Thirty minutes to the Bay of Fundy’s iconic Hopewell Rocks and twenty minutes to the warmest saltwater beaches in Canada makes Moncton the ideal anchor on your Maritime tour.
Moncton attractions of note: Resurgo Place, Magnetic Hill Winery, The Tidal Bore, Casino New Brunswick.

See why travel host Andrew "Gunnarolla" Gunadie chose Moncton as his favourite place in Canada for Canadian Geographic's Our Country series.



Founded in 1886, the Musée acadien de l’Université de Moncton features more than 42,000 objects and photographs. Discover one of the largest collections of Acadian artifacts in the world.The museum’s permanent exhibition, entitled "L'Aventure acadienne" [Acadian Adventure], is a dynamic and innovative presentation of the history of Acadia in Atlantic Canada and of its material culture./p>


Swirl, sniff, sip and savour award-winning grape and fruit wines at this artisan winery built into the cellar of an 1867 restored historic home overlooking the city of Moncton. Come enjoy a complimentary tasting of the antioxidant-rich wines ranging from dry to unique dessert in a glass style. Pick up a picnic basket, select your vintage, pair it with local cheese and crackers and relax on the licensed patio as you enjoy the million-dollar view.


The tidal bore is a phenomenon that occurs when an incoming tide from a larger body of water enters a narrow river or bay and travels against the current creating an impressive standing wave. Found in only a handful of geographical points worldwide, this natural wonder barrels through the Petitcodiac River twice daily as a result of the Bay of Fundy's famous highest tides.


The Hopewell Rocks is one of New Brunswick’s Top Attractions. Walk on the ocean floor in the shadows of the majestic flower-pot rocks, unique formations carved by erosion over thousands of years. Time and tide have carved from the cliffs and coves distinctive sandstone formations topped with trees. During periods of low tide, you can walk 2 km of beach and explore several majestic coves. At mid or high tide, you can return to the very spot you walked to discover those towering flowerpots rocks are now just low islands in the ocean.


Do a food tour to discover the city of Moncton via its local flavours! It’s a trendy way to discover a city, its people, and taste awesome local food. You will taste the local, traditional and international flavours and hear the fun side of Moncton’s history. You will have an awesome time.


The Magnetic Hill Zoo houses a diverse collection of animals from around the world, including lemurs from Madagascar, Gibbon apes, Amur tigers, leopards, cotton-top tamarins, lions, and zebras! Don't miss the daily shows, two animal contact areas and the black jaguars!