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Canada in different perspectives

By Sophie Whittingham

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Jackson Peters & Jonah Haber:

captureOur experience travelling the country with VIA Rail this past month has been truly unforgettable. While the breathtaking sites and new places alone were incredible, the overwhelming sense of community that the train created is what really made this trip so special. Despite knowing next to no one on the train at the start of July, we find ourselves now saying heartfelt goodbyes to a bunch of truly amazing people, both travellers and VIA Rail employees alike. To those who also got to experience this month with its roaring jam sessions, rousing board games, spontaneous adventures, and side-splitting laughter: thank you. This short highlight video goes out to all of you – Jackson and Jonah


Sophie Whittingham:

Sophie is a Storyboard Illustrator from Vancouver who loves journaling. She  decided to explore the East Coast with her Canada150 Youth Pass. Sophie travelled from Vancouver all the way to Halifax stopping in Quebec City in the middle with her best friend.

UHaul“Woke up at 4:20 am this morning in a Calvin and Hobbes-esc alien landscape full of beige grass and sand looking dunes. It’s Kamloops!”

Photo 1Photo 2Sketches of the different people on board from Vancouver to Toronto

Photo 3A piano player in Halifax.

Photo 4A man sitting in the grass, smoking a cigarette, in Prince-Edward Island

View halifax from trainThe view of Halifax from Dartmouth

We invite you to see more of Sophie’s work here:

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