Prohibited baggage

VIA cannot transport articles that are improperly packed or too fragile to withstand normal handling. In addition, VIA cannot transport articles weighing more than 32kg (70 lb.) or longer than 180 cm (71 in.), except for oversize sports equipment and skis.

The following articles are prohibited as checked baggage on VIA Rail trains:

  • Cameras and photographic equipment (You can, of course, carry your camera with you in the car, but VIA accepts no liability for any damage it may incur.)
  • Dangerous articles (fireworks, flammable substances, radioactive materials, etc.)
  • Perishable goods stored in polystyrene containers or any other containers that cannot be hermetically sealed
  • Fragile articles (antiques, works of art, etc.)
  • Household goods (electrical appliances, china, clocks, furniture, sewing machines, silverware, etc.)
  • Tow bars, trailer hitches, etc.
  • Fishing rods without cases
  • Liquids (including toiletry articles such as perfumes, which must always be kept in your carry-on luggage)
  • Construction materials (These are not considered as personal or oversize articles; VIA reserves the right to refuse them at any time. Please contact freight transport companies serving your locality.)
  • Office equipment (photocopiers, etc.)
  • Electronic equipment (televisions, computers, video games, etc.)
  • Valuable articles (credit cards, coin or stamp collections, gems and minerals, irreplaceable papers and manuscripts, jewellery, money, stock certificates, watches, etc.)
  • Plants
  • Controlled or illegal substances
  • Motorized vehicles such as snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, or personal watercraft
  • Oxygen bottles
  • Small lithium battery-powered vehicles are not accepted in either checked baggage or carry-on baggage. *Batteries used in motorized wheel chairs or similar devices (large segways) for the mobility-impaired purposes are allowed.
  • Vehicles not accepted include hoverboards, electric skateboards, airwheels, mini-Segways and balance wheels.
  • Firearms and sharp objects:
    - Firearms and Ammunition
    - Sharp objects such as: Knives, including hunting knives, Swiss army knives and chef's knives (e.g. meat cleavers), machetes, hatchets, box cutters and other dangerous sharp items

Exceptions:Law Enforcement Officer travelling on a VIA train while on duty.
Kirpans carried by members of the Sikh religion are a recognized exception to this rule, if the kirpan is not visible to other passengers and is never unsheathed on the train.