Our new Business class

  1. Buy Yourself Some Time.
  2. Time Is Money. Want Some? - Co-founder, Round13 Capital
  3. Savour A Bit Of “Me Time”. - Chef, TV host and cookbook author

Buy Yourself Some Time

With VIA Rail, when you buy a train ticket, what you’re really buying is time. In our redesigned Business class, working has never been more comfortable.


Discover Our New
Business Class
Keep busy while you travel
with free Wi-Fi on board.
Cellphone Keep your cellphone on and
stay in touch with the office
while you travel.
Power Outlet With a power outlet at your seat, you can stay plugged in and fully charged.
Meals Take the time to enjoy a delicious meal with a glass of wine.
Spacious and Comfortable Get comfortable and stay comfortable in our new spacious seats.
Downtown to
Cut back on cab fare and travel from downtown to downtown.* *In most cases. The Ottawa station is located 6 km from downtown.
Relax and work in the quiet comfort of our exclusive Business lounges.
Learn more about business lounges
Priority Save even more time and benefit from priority boarding and ticketing in stations.
and Arrivals
Travel worry-free with on-time departures and arrivals.
VIA Préférence Take advantage of the perks of a VIA PRÉFÉRENCE membership.
Learn more about VIA Préférence

Calculate Your Productivity

Taking the train is investing your time well, since you can avoid traffic, bad weather and lineups at the airport.

Average travel time: 5 h 29 min
Productive timeh 29 min
Total travel time: 4 h 15 min*
Productive timeh 15 min
Total travel time: 5 h 41 min
Productive timeh 00 min
Average travel time: 4 h 22 min
Productive timeh 22 min
Total travel time: 4 h 03 min
Productive timeh 03 min
Total travel time: 4 h 48 min
Productive timeh 00 min
Average travel time: 3 h 57 min
Productive timeh 57 min
Total travel time: 4 h 05 min
Productive timeh 05 min
Total travel time: 4 h 03 min
Productive timeh 00 min

Did you know that when you calculate the total duration of a trip, your car moves at about the same speed as the train when traffic is light and road conditions are good?

But, unlike the train, cars need to add 30 more minutes to the total length of the drive because of the traffic in the city centre.

In fact, when you take the train, you can be more productive because your hands are free and you can use your laptop or cellphone at any time.

Since flying is faster, it sometimes seems like it will save you time. But, when you add the lineups at security and when boarding, and the travel time between the airport and downtown, the length of your trip increases significantly.

Why waste time on a plane or in a car, when you can work with your laptop and cellphone on board a VIA Rail train?

Reduce your carbon
footprint with VIA Rail

A Green Choice “Everyone at VIA Rail is encouraged to develop ‘reduce, re-use, recycle’ strategies in the workplace and on board VIA’s trains. Furthermore, whereas the transportation industry is responsible for 26.98% of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada, only 0.02% of these are produced by VIA! Each passenger on board a VIA Rail train only produces 0.08 kg* of CO2 emissions per trip.”