On-Train Entertainment

VIA Rail is proud to announce its new On-Train Entertainment initiative in partnership with CBC/Radio-Canada, the National Film Board of Canada and the Historica-Dominion Institute. This new interactive digital system will provide passengers travelling in the Québec City – Windsor corridor with free access to Canadian programming in the country’s two official languages.

VIA’s On-Train Entertainment system is the only system of its kind in North America. For a more enjoyable travel experience, the system will present TV shows, historical vignettes, documentaries and animation, all in addition to regular daily newscasts.

Accessible on your laptop, tablet and mobile!

For a more enjoyable experience, and in respect of fellow passengers, headsets are mandatory when using the new interactive system.

How to connect your device:

1. Activate the Wi-Fi function on your laptop or mobile device.
2. On board the train, first try to connect to VIA_WiFi_VIDEO”.
3. Launch your web browser.
4. Select your preferred language.
5. Accept the Terms & Conditions of Wi-Fi use and On-Train Entertainment.
6. Enjoy a wide variety of Canadian programming!