On-Train Entertainment

On-Train Entertainment system offers Canadian programming on trains within the Québec city - Windsor corridor. Daily news from the CBC, TV shows from the CBC, animation and documentaries from the National Film Board, and vignettes from History Matters and Heritage Minutes can now be found on all of VIA Rail’s trains within the Québec city - Windsor corridor.

Accessible on your laptop, tablet and mobile!

For a more enjoyable experience, and in respect of fellow passengers, headsets are mandatory when using the new interactive system.

How to connect your device:

1. Activate the Wi-Fi function on your laptop or mobile device.
2. On board the train, first try to connect to VIA_WiFi_VIDEO”.
3. Launch your web browser and go to http://www.viarailwifi.ca
4. Select your preferred language.
5. Accept the Terms & Conditions of Wi-Fi use and On-Train Entertainment.
6. Enjoy a wide variety of Canadian programming!