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Baggage cars - Rail Diesel Car-4

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Built by:
Budd Car Company


280 per engine (two engines)

Head end power (for on-board lighting, air conditioning, etc.):
35 kW

approximately 53,071 kg (117,000 lb)

Top speed:
136 km/h (85 mi/h)

Built between:
September 1955

Number of units in fleet:

Did you know?

  • The RDC model number dictates its usage.

- RDC-1: For passengers only, with a vestibule at each end.
- RDC-2: For passengers, but with a baggage compartment.
- RDC-3: Partly for passengers, partly for baggage or the Postal Service.
- RDC-4: No passengers: partly for baggage, partly for use by the Postal Service.
- RDC-9 (also known as RDC-5): No controls and only one engine. This model was used to add passenger capacity.

  • RDCs 1 to 4 are equipped with two engines, which means that if necessary, they can still reach their destination with one working engine.
  • The VIA Rail RDCs (used primarily on the Sudbury-White River route) are the only remaining RDCs in the world still providing regular service.
  • From the beginning, RDCs were designed to be linked together, with detachable controls allowing the driver to move the train in either direction... without having to turn the car around!
  • VIA's RDCs are fitted with diaphragms to allow passengers to move between the cars. This feature was not included when the RDCs were first built.
  • The only RDC-4 still in service anywhere in the world can be found on the Sudbury-White River route.


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