Youth 12-25

Affordable youth fares. I’m in. Are you?

If you’re between 12 and 25 and travelling for school or fun, VIA Rail has several options to get you where you’re going at a low price. Youth fares are also available for passengers aged 26 and over with an ISIC card.

Discover our Escape fare.

Offered exclusively online, it’s our absolutely lowest fare. Plus, in the Québec City – Windsor corridor, it allows you to take advantage of:

  • Cellphone use anytime you like
  • Free Wi-Fi access*
  • Downtown-to-downtown service**


Routes Economy class
(Escape fare)
Toronto – Montréal     $39    
Toronto – Ottawa     $39    
Toronto – London     $29    
Toronto – Windsor     $39    
Toronto – Kingston     $37    
Ottawa – Montréal     $29    
Ottawa – Québec City     $49    
Montréal – Québec City     $29    

One-way Escape fare in Economy class. Taxes not included. This fare is only offered online. The number of seats is limited. Fares may vary based on selected day of week and time of departure.

Fares, discounts, conditions and schedules may be modified without notice, and the fares above are for certain departures only.
* Available on most trains.
** In most cases. The Ottawa station is located 6 km away from downtown.

Travel light, travel better.

VIA recently implemented its new carry-on baggage policy. It’s important you make sure your baggage doesn’t exceed size and weight restrictions.



Available for certain trains on the following routes:

  • Montréal – Québec City
  • Montréal – Ottawa
  • Montréal – Toronto
  • Toronto – Ottawa
  • Toronto – London
  • Toronto – Windsor


  • Only online at


  • Payment is required when booking.


  • The ticket is non-exchangeable.
  • Changes in date or train are not permitted.


  • The ticket is non-refundable.


  • Upgrades are not permitted.


  • One stop-over is permitted at no extra charge.


  • The number of seats is limited.
Youth - 6 PAK


This travel card offers you big savings with 6 one-way trips (3 round trips) in Economy class between two pre-determined stations on the VIA network in:

  • the Québec City – Windsor corridor or,
  • on the Ocean between Montréal, Moncton and Halifax.

Youth fare, because it’s never too early to love the train

In addition to the Escape fare and the 6 pak, VIA Rail also offers the youth fare. Travellers who are 12 to 25 years old always enjoy a discount on the regular adult fare in the following classes:

  • Economy
  • Sleeper
  • Sleeper Plus

An ISIC card is no longer necessary to save!

To benefit from the youth fare or the VIA 6 pak, just present an identity card with your photo and date of birth to a VIA Rail employee upon request. The ISIC card will be accepted for passengers aged 26 and over.

Youth - Train

Create a profile or update your existing profile to benefit from the youth fare:

  • Create a new profile and select “Youth” as the passenger type or update your existing profile by selecting “Youth”.
  • Create or edit your profile.