Train fleet renewal program in the Quebec city – Windsor corridor

Last updated: March 24, 2016



VIA Rail’s train fleet is naturally approaching the end of its useful life, and will need to be replaced. Safety is not one of the reasons for its renewal.


The new engines will perform better and consume less energy.

The new fleet is also in line with the government of Canada’s objectives: stimulating economic growth, creating jobs and helping reduce greenhouse gases.


According to data provided by international experts on the habits of customers/users of various transportation modes, new equipment or a new fleet has the potential to increase train ridership by 15% to 30%. This is excellent news, in light of VIA Rail’s objective: to help reduce greenhouse gases by getting more people to take the train. This will also relieve highway congestion, especially at access points to major urban centres.


Estimates for replacement of the fleet, currently composed of 160 cars and 40 locomotives are between $1 billion (a diesel fleet) and $1.3 billion (a diesel/electric dual-mode fleet).

It’s too early to determine exactly what type of equipment will make up this new fleet. There are a number of options being considered. One thing is certain: the fleet components will be tested for compliance with the industry’s highest quality standards.