January 20, 2012

Oakville Station: A Collaborative Effort

In 2009, and through the Capital Investment program, VIA and Metrolinx (GO Transit) worked together on a brand new station in Oakville. Track improvements in the city meant that VIA’s old station would need to be demolished. And better tracks deserve a better station, so VIA decided to take advantage of the situation by building a new building that is fully accessible, better equipped and safer.  

Oakville’s new station was built with the latest technology including: CCTV cameras, a card access security system, Train Information Display Monitors (TIDS), water and energy conserving features, and other amenities to improve the overall travel experience, handicap accessibility, safety and efficiency.

Along with the great new facility, Oakville is also benefitting from expanded parking capacity with a new parking garage (under construction) to accommodate GO and VIA train passengers.

Finally, a third mainline track was also added, which runs alongside the new VIA station. The third track means fewer delays as there is more capacity for passing trains.

A new track, new station and new parking lot: Oakville’s got it all!

This work is part of the billion-dollar transformation taking place nationally through Capital Investment funding. Find more details on the Oakville Station project or browse the work being done on other VIA Rail stations.