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Travelling with pets as a checked item in the bagagge car

Household pets

Pets require special handling for checking, and minimal safety requirements must be adhered to when handling them.

Please be aware that bagagge cars are heated, but that most are not air-conditioned. Your pet may therefore be exposed to high temperatures. From June 1 to September 30, bagagge cars cannot transport animals due to lack of proper ventilation



  • If you wish to travel with your pet, please let us know 24 hours in advance by calling 1 888 842-7245 or TTY 1 800 268-9503 (hearing impaired). Be sure also to check in your pet at least one hour before departure.

  • Dogs, cats and small rodents (hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, etc.) are the only animals allowed in bagagge cars. Birds cannot be checked.
  • Certain provinces and regions refuse pitbulls, therefore, VIA does not accept this breed of dog system wide. Mix or cross breed pit bulls are not accepted.
  • Please ensure that your pet has received all necessary care and vaccinations and has undergone an annual health check

  • Pets must be checked on the same train as their owner and be claimed immediately upon arrival.

  • Passengers must check their pets one hour before departure (but not much more, for the pet's comfort).

  • Dogs must be muzzled when outside of their cage. Once inside the cage, the dog must not be muzzled as it must be able to drink at all times. Furthermore, we ask that you provide a lock to help prevent your pet escaping from its cage during the trip   

  • VIA reserves the right to refuse checking pets if unsafe.

  • Due to Ontario regulations, pitbulls are not accepted on all corridor trains. Mix or cross breed pit bulls are not accepted.


  • Soft cages are prohibited and only rigid cages (metal or hard plastic) are accepted.

  • Your pet must be able to stand up, turn around and lie down comfortably.

  • Pet owners must provide their own cage. Cages can be purchased at larger pet shops.

  • Please note that VIA Rail reserves the right at check-in to refuse any animal that is judged to be a danger to the security of any or all travelers.

  • There is no weight limit for your animal. However, for safety reasons, VIA personnel will not transport animals and cages whose combined weight exceeds 32 kg (70 lb.). If your pet exceeds this limit, you are solely responsible for carrying your animal when boarding or disembarking from the train. In this case, a VIA employee can carry the empty cage.



Maximum height of accepted carriers
(maximum of 33" / 83 cm high)

      • $50 plus taxes per direction in the Corridor and Eastern services.
      • $50 plus taxes per overnight on the Canadian and Winnipeg - Churchill.



On long haul trains operated outside the Corridor (Toronto-Vancouver, Montreal-Halifax), customers are responsible for feeding, watering and exercising their pets. Customers must coordinate visit with the Service Manager on board, and the owner must be accompanied by an on-train services employee in charge when visiting the bagagge car.

In the Québec-Windsor corridor, visiting the animal in the bagagge car during the trip is not permitted due to the short trip time.

Don’t forget that you have to claim your pet as soon as you reach your destination!