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Prepaid travel

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Prepaid purchases refer to tickets or rail passes that you buy for someone else, either as a gift, for a child who is travelling with you or for an  unaccompanied child.

To make a prepaid purchase, book online at or go to a VIA Rail station with personnel. You may also ask your travel agent to do it for you.

When booking online, simply fill in the "Passenger Information" section with the traveller's correct name and contact information.

You will be given a special confirmation number. The traveller must give this confirmation number and, if over 18 years of age, show ID in order to pick up his or her ticket. In cases where the departure station is unmanned, the ticket will be mailed directly to the traveller's home, time permitting.

Conditions, exchanges, and refunds

A prepaid ticket can only be exchanged by or refunded to the person who purchased the ticket at the station. If the traveller wishes to change his or her itinerary, a new prepaid booking is required. In the case of a refund, both the purchaser's receipt and the traveller's ticket are required.