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Checkroom Service

IMPORTANT NOTIE: Due to COVID-19, this service is not available at the moment.

IMPORTANT: Bike baggage service is currently suspended in the Corridor until further notice, as a result of gradual operations resumption, changes to our services and implemented preventive health measures.

In some stations in the network, a luggage storage service is available allowing personal belongings to be left in a secured area with controlled access. Only passengers holding a ticket confirmed for departure on the same day may use this service. 

Each luggage must be identified with the name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. Via provides luggage tags at no cost.

  • Only customers holding a ticket confirmed for a departure on the same day with VIA Rail or Amtrak may use the parcel checkroom service. Non-travellers cannot use this service.
  • No baggage can be left in the checkroom once the trip is completed or during the night, except for bikes.
  • See in station profiles which stations offer this service (look for "Checkroom service").
  • The checkroom service cannot be offered to customers using our Air Connect service from Montreal Central Station. Since we have no information about passengers except for their name, the security department at VIA confirms that it is not possible to offer this service to this clientele.


Checkroom fees



Baggage Type

Situation and fees

Business, Touring, Sleeper, Prestige Sleeper Classes

Carry-on and Checked baggage*

Passengers leaving their baggage prior to departure or during a connection: Complimentary

Space providing - not feasible in EDMONTON


Checked baggage only*

Passengers checking their baggage in advance prior to train departure or during a connection: Complimentary



Carry-on Baggage

Passengers leaving their baggage prior to departure or during a connection: $6 per baggage

*Items must not exceed 23 kg (50 lb.) and 120 cm (48 in.)



  • Liability for loss or damage to articles left in checkroom is limited to their actual value up to a maximum of $25.00.
  • Perishable goods and pets are not accepted and no liability is assumed for money or negotiable documents (checks, drafts, money order, etc) under any conditions.

Baggage Identification

  • Any baggage that is left in storage at the station must have a baggage tag with the information to contact the customer, name, address, complete telephone number and e-mail address.

Unclaimed Baggage

  • In the event a baggage has not been claimed at the closing of the baggage counter, the passenger must be contacted.