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How heat affects your train trip?


Travelling in extreme heat

Safety is VIA Rail’s number one priority.

During heat waves, the sun can cause the metal on the tracks to expand, and are therefore closely monitored. When temperatures reaches a certain temperature, the rails are susceptible to stretch and deform.To ensure the safety of VIA Rail’s passengers, staff and the general public, trains must run at a reduced speed and will be closely surveyed. 


Stay informed during times of extreme temperatures

If a delay should occur, you will be notified of its cause and duration, and of any travel alternatives. The following options are in place to keep you informed:


About slow orders

As any other railway owner, VIA Rail has a protocol which consists of putting in place slow orders at specific locations. When a certain heat threshold is reached, our normal protocol is being triggered. Slow orders are normal procedures from infrastructure owners when outside or railways temperatures reaches a certain temperature (hot or cold). Slow orders may delay arrival and departure of certain trains on certain routes. As safety is always our priority, the protocol to reduce speed is a precaution measure.