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Travel credit eligibility for delayed trains

This travel credit chart is provided for your information. Eligibility for the following travel credits also varies according to the length of your journey. If you make a transfer during your trip, the final destination determines the amount and terms of your credit (ex. for a trip from Halifax to Toronto, Corridor terms will apply).

VIA Rail continues to offer travel credits for delays exceeding one hour or trips replaced by alternate transportation when the final destination is in the Québec City - Windsor corridor.  In such cases, the travel credit is based on the cost of the portion in the Québec City - Windsor corridor only.  

How your credit will be applied

A stopover breaks a trip into separate "segments", with each segment treated as a distinct trip when applying credit.

In the case of connecting travel aboard the Toronto-Vancouver (the Canadian) train, Toronto is always considered a stopover, and any travel east of Toronto is considered a new segment.

For example, if your connecting train to Montréal arrives late, the credit will be based on the Toronto-Montréal segment only.




Grace period

Québec City-Windsor corridor
Credit valid for 6 months

1 hour


5 minutes

4 hours or more


10 minutes


Also, if you are a VIA Préférence member, you can choose to receive five VIA Préférence points for every dollar of credit in lieu of a late train travel credit. Simply send your booking confirmation number or ticket receipt for your ticket to VIA Préférence, with a written request for points.

Notice: Please note that VIA reserves the right to cancel its late train travel credit policy when faced by major events not under VIA's control.

*Credits calculated on the basis of Economy class.