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Who do I contact to comment on VIA's website?

Forward your comments by e-mail to our Webmaster.

What browser settings are required to use VIA’s online booking engine?

Browsers and versions supported

  • Internet Explorer – version 10 and 11 (current and last version)
  • Firefox – current and last version
  • Google Chrome – current and last version
  • Safari (MAC OS only) – current and last version

Browser requirements

Our online booking engine interface is optimized for the most common browsers, Internet Explorer (IE) and Firefox, but is fully functional for the majority of other browsers.

Please note that:

  • 128 bit encryption,
  • Javascript, and
  • session cookies

must all be enabled in your browser in order to use VIA’s online booking engine (default settings for most current browsers). If you require more information related to these settings, please refer to the “Help” section in the toolbar at the top of your browser (in IE or Firefox).

VIA continually improves the online booking engine, making it more convenient and user friendly. After some of these improvements, dependent upon your browser’s settings, temporary internet files and/or cookies may need to be deleted and the computer restarted prior to successfully using the online booking engine. Additional information related to doing this is available in the “Help” section in your browser.

Latest browser downloads:

Payment requirement

VIA’s online booking engine also requires instant payment which can be made securely using a major credit card or Interac Online, if supported by the financial institution. For more information, check our Methods of payment section.

Where can I log in to the VIA intranet?

At a VIA workstation: by default, the intranet has been installed as your Internet home page, and added as an icon on your workstation. You can also access it at the following address:

From home: go to and enter your e-Learning user code and password. Then click on the Intranet link from the VPN home page. The intranet will open presenting a restricted corporate content. To access your intranet work profile (for office employees only), click on Sign in at the upper right corner of the intranet and enter your Windows username, password (the same as for your workstation), enter VIA as the domain.