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Where can I find information about connecting rail, bus or ferry services?

We have put together the timetables, contact information and web site links of companies offering travel options to - or from - the numerous cities and towns connected to VIA's national network.

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Do you have connections with Toronto GO trains?

If you wish to connect from your VIA train to certain GO train services, please be aware that:

  • Connections are offered at Toronto Union Station only and tickets are not issued for services between two line-stations on the GO train.
  • The term "connection" does not mean one direction of a round trip.
  • The services covered under this agreement are as follows:
    • GO Transit Lakeshore East rail services (serving Toronto Union Station-Oshawa inclusive)
    • GO Transit Lakeshore West rail services (serving Toronto Union Station-Hamilton inclusive)
    • GO Transit Georgetown rail services (serving Toronto Union Station-Georgetown inclusive)
  • GO Transit's services operate on an honour fare system and for this reason, tickets issued by VIA Rail Canada for travel aboard GO trains are completely non-refundable and non-exchangeable without exception.
  • No discount is offered for VIA passengers travelling on any kind of railway employee pass such as VIA/CN/CP passes, pass-type product, or other such products. These passengers wishing to purchase connecting travel on GO trains may do so, however, applicable fares apply.