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Sanctions applicable to offenders

Enforcement of smoking regulations

Travellers are occasionally found smoking in areas where, or at times when, smoking is prohibited. In the vast majority of cases, these travellers are not acting in bad faith, but are simply unaware of applicable regulations. Travellers at fault will be informed of regulations by a VIA employee and invited to put out their cigarette.

In some rare instances, however, offenders will continue to smoke even though they know that smoking is prohibited. Should a traveller complain about a previously cautioned smoker, VIA personnel are bound by the Non Smokers' Health Act to enforce smoking regulations and take all measures deemed necessary to protect the health and comfort of all passengers.

In such a case, the Service Manager is authorized to order the offender off the train at the next stop. VIA personnel must report any such unfortunate incident to the police. The fine is $50 for a first offence and $100 for any subsequent offence.