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Do your trains have dome cars?

Travellers aboard the following routes can enjoy sweeping landscape views from the dome cars:

Where can I get details on your sleeper cars?

Looking for a comfortable sleep during your overnight train trip? Choose one of our sleeping car accommodations.


Sleeper classes

Toronto-Vancouver (the Canadian)

Sleeper Plus class

Montréal-Halifax (the Ocean)

Sleeper Plus class


Sleeper Plus class

Go to the Trains section, select your desired trip, and click on the Train cars tab. You'll find 360-degree photos, diagrams and a description of your cabin.

Where can I find information on chartered rail cars?

Our chartered car service gives a group exclusive use of one or more cars. Services are tailor-made for your meeting, conference or special event. Choose from Economy, Business or any of our sleeper classes, and then tell us what you need! Get more information about our chartered cars.

Where can I view diagrams and photos or take a virtual visit of VIA train cars?

To take a virtual tour of our train cars, simply choose one of our train routes and click on the train cars tab. There you'll find a short description of each train car used on that route, as well as a diagram and maybe even 360-degree photos.

Are electrical outlets available on board your trains?

All HEP train cars feature at-your-seat power outlets in both Business class and Economy class. HEP equipment can be found in the Québec City-Windsor corridor, the Canadian (Toronto-Vancouver), and the Ocean (Montreal-Halifax on certain departures).

There are at-your-seat power outlets in Economy class on the Renaissance train cars. However, there are no power outlets in the service car.

There are also power outlets in your private cabin aboard other VIA Rail trains.

Are your passenger cars air conditioned and/or heated?

Yes, all VIA passenger cars are fully heated and air-conditioned.