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Make a booking online

VIA Rail is committed to ensure the security of its passengers and may request to validate identification.

It is your responsibility to verify that you have the necessary valid photo identification when you travel with VIA Rail. The name on the ID must match the name on the ticket and the photo on the ID must look like you.

Bring valid identification issued by the federal, provincial, territorial or foreign government that includes your:

  • Photo,
  • Full name, and
  • Date of birth.

If you do not have an identity document with your photo, full name and date of birth:

  • Show two valid pieces of identification issued by a federal, provincial or territorial government and bearing your name.
  • One of your identification must include your full name and date of birth.

Validation of identification can be done before boarding the train.

Failure to present an identity document meeting the above-mentioned requirements may result in the denial of access to boarding. If identity verification takes place after departure, failure to present an identity document corresponding to the name appearing on the issued ticket may result in the obligation to purchase a new ticket at the regular full fare on board the train.


Yes. Simply visit our " Customize your train schedule " page to create a schedule based on your departure and destination stations. You can also print it out.

Online tickets

  • Visit our online booking engine
  • Log in to your profile, or create one here prior to booking
  • Select a one-way, round trip or multi-city trip
  • Choose your departure and destination stations, as well as your travel dates
  • Indicate the type and number of travellers
  • Click on SEARCH

On the results page:

  • Select the appropriate class for your departure train
  • Click on Select and continue
  • If you are making a round trip, repeat this process for your return trip


  • Confirm your itinerary
  • Pay for your tickets with a credit or debit card!

Please note:

  • If the date or time of travel is not the same for all travellers, you will have to book separate tickets for each traveller.

  • On the "Passengers" screen, for each qualifying passenger:
  • Select the discount type for which you have a code.
  • Enter the discount code in the "Discount code" field (ex: 52833).
  • No serial number is needed.
  • Your total fare will be recalculated after you click on the "Continue" button.
  • Tickets must be picked up at a VIA ticket counter (mail service is not available for promotional discount tickets).
  • You must present or surrender your proof of entitlement for the discount at the time of ticket issuance.

If you're purchasing tickets or products online, you must use a credit or a debit card (not all debit cards are accepted). Should you purchase your tickets in person at a VIA ticket counter, you may pay in cash as well.

You can also pay for tickets with a VIA Rail gift card or by redeeming your VIA Préférence points.

For more information, visit our Methods of payment page.

When booking online, if you get a message saying that there is a problem with the credit card gateway, this means that the communication line between the booking engine and the credit card company is down.

Please try again later.

Your booking confirmation is automatically e-mailed as soon as the transaction is completed.

The confirmation will contain details of the trip, the total fare charged to the credit or debit card as well as reference and booking numbers. You can even print it for your convenience!

Note: If you have not received your confirmation within 15 minutes of making your booking, it is possible that you entered the wrong e-mail address or that you misspelled your e-mail address on the form, or that the server for your mailbox is inaccessible.

Please send an e-mail to the support desk at to request a copy of your confirmation (please include the booking number which showed up on the screen at the end of the transaction).

For an online booking , log in with your profile, then click on View My Trips. You will be taken directly to your existing bookings. Click on Detail next to the booking you want to check.

Please note that if you requested a change to your existing booking, this change was treated manually and will not be reflected online . So if you try to view such a booking, you will see only the original details.

A booking made by telephone cannot be viewed online and cannot be paid for online. Call 1 888 VIA-Rail (1 888 842-7245), go to the ticket counter of a VIA station or see a Travel Agent.

If you forget your user name or password, click on Forgot your password or your username? in the login window. You will be asked to enter your e-mail address.

You will then receive instructions by e-mail on how to create a new password.

If your e-mail address is invalid contact VIA for help retrieving your password.

Corporate booking

Corporate rates and corporate accounts have been negotiated by some corporations with VIA Rail's marketing department.

  • You must log in with your profile.
  • On the "Passengers" screen, for each qualifying traveller:
  • Select " Corporate rate" in the "Discount Type" drop down menu
  • Write the corporate account number in the "Discount code" box
  • No serial number is required
  • Your total fare will be recalculated after you click on the CONTINUE button.
  • Print your ticket at home or display it on your mobile or tablet.
  • You must carry your Corporate ID when travelling on a corporate rate.

How can I change, upgrade or cancel a reservation?

Please advise us as soon as possible if you wish to modify or cancel your travel plans.


  • Your rail ticket is not transferable and is valid only for travel on the train(s) and date(s) shown. You must advise VIA Rail of any ticket cancellation prior to the scheduled departure of your train. Your paper ticket (cancelled prior to departure) can be exchanged or refunded up to one (1) year after purchase, subject to the conditions of your fare plan.
  • For operational reasons, VIA Rail reserves the right to restrict platform access five (5) minutes before your scheduled departure.
  • Your ticket receipt is required for all exchanges or refunds.
  • Timetables are for indication purposes only and are subject to change without notice. VIA Rail may cancel a train or substitute alternate transportation without notice. VIA Rail specifically disclaims any liability for any damage due to delayed or cancelled trains.
  • To ensure all passengers' safety, VIA Rail reserves the right to inspect all baggage.
  • You are responsible at all times for your carry-on baggage. VIA Rail assumes a limited liability for loss or damage to checked baggage. Ask VIA Rail personnel for more details.

Other conditions apply to your travel. Please note, some conditions may apply to exchanges and refunds of travel passes and best-fare/reduced-fare tickets: there may be cancellation charges, tickets and passes may not be refundable, etc.

To obtain accurate information regarding your particular case before cancelling, you may call 1 888 VIA-Rail (1 888 842-7245), TTY 1 800 268-9503 (hearing impaired), and have your reservation number handy.

Discounted fare tickets are subject to service charges of between $20 and $100 for exchanges or refunds. These fees are charged per traveller and per direction (meaning they are doubled for a round trip). Certain discounted tickets and passes are not refundable.

If you already have a ticket and you are not sure under which fare plan your ticket was issued, please call 1 888 VIA-Rail (1 888 842-7245) and have your booking number handy to obtain accurate information regarding your particular case.

Discounted fare tickets may be subject to service charges often based on a percentage of the fare paid, subject to a minimum of $20 for exchanges or refunds. These fees are charged per traveller and per direction (meaning they are doubled for a round trip). Certain discounted tickets and passes are not refundable. Note that any booking canceled after the scheduled departure of the train is completely non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

To cancel your reservation online log in with your profile and click on My Bookings, then click on Cancel next to the booking you wish to cancel. The next display will tell you how much will be refunded to your debit or credit card (less any applicable service charge). Clicking on the Cancel this trip button is the final action needed to activate the cancellation and refund process. Please note that this will cancel the entire trip (not just part of it). You will then see your cancellation confirmation number. If you encounter a technical problem, send us a detailed e-mail

For a booking made online, just send us a detailed e-mail. Please indicate in your message the booking number as well as the details of the change or desired upgrading. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail.

If you prefer, you may call a VIA agent directly.

Please note that if you requested a change to your existing booking, this change was treated manually and will not be reflected online. So if you try to view such a booking, you will see only the original details.

Call a VIA agent to process the booking change, upgrade or cancellation. Then, in order to obtain an exchange, a refund or partial refund, you must present your ticket (receipt coupon still attached) to any of our ticket offices..

You must complete a request for refund and you will receive the refund by mail.

Return your tickets with the original receipt (photocopies not accepted) to the following address:

VIA Rail Canada
Central Station
895 de La Gauchetière West
Montréal, QC
H3B 4G1

VIA does not issue free tickets to customers who report the loss or theft of their ticket. The customer must purchase a new ticket. The price of the lost or stolen ticket may be refunded, on certain conditions. Contact us for more information.