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Pack your bags with care

IMPORTANT: Bike baggage service is currently suspended in the Corridor until further notice, as a result of gradual operations resumption, changes to our services and implemented preventive health measures.

  • Remember to label each piece of baggage with your name, home address, telephone number and email address.
  • Hooks, hangers, straps and sharp objects must be removed or secured so as not to catch on or damage other baggage. Do not attach loose objects to backpacks.
  • Make sure your belongings are properly packed and well protected. All items must be transported in their original box or in a rigid container providing adequate protection. Boxes must be tied with twine, which will serve as a handle and can also be used to attach a baggage tag.

Items available for sale:


COST before tax

Cardboard box (1 to 4 cu. ft.)

$1 to $4

Ski bag


Bicycle bag


Bicycle box


 Items for sale at certain stations only. Please verify in advance if the station from which you are departing has these items in stock. If not, you must provide your own.

If you are planning a connection with one of our travel partners, please consult their website for information on their baggage policy.