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Available on VIA’s network.


Exchangeable with fees of 50% of the fare or minimum of $20 (per direction). Any difference in the fare will also be charged if you book a more expensive fare. The ticket is non-refundable.


One stop-over is permitted at no extra charge.


The number of seats is limited.

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When you travel by train, you can explore the wonders of Canada in an environmentally friendly, relaxing and safe way. The train often travels from downtown-to-downtown, so you arrive at destination, right in the heart of the city. And with our Discount Tuesday specials and other discount train tickets, you’ll love the way you travel.

On our long distance routes, admiring the scenery in an unhurried way is part of what makes travelling by train so special. The Great Western Way offers a dramatic route that wends its way across the landscape, through the prairies and the magnificent Rocky Mountains. The Maritime Way offers a means to discover the region’s unique culture, history and landscapes.

Book your comeback and take advantage of our best train fares, travelling to your next winter getaway while relaxing in the comfort and the safety of the train. Or embark on one of our adventure routes, like our ride from Jasper to Prince Rupert or travel to the spectacular ski Mountains of British Columbia.

Taking the trains means you can enjoy a relaxing and rewarding travel experience, while avoiding the hassles of plane or car travel. Book your discounted train tickets now!