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Winnipeg-Churchill train – Train cars

On board the Winnipeg-Churchill train, you'll enjoy riding in stainless steel cars that offer all the superior comforts of classic train travel.

Stainless steel car (Economy class)

Our spacious Economy class cars allow you to travel long distances in complete comfort. Sit up and watch the scenery, or lie back and fall asleep.
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Stainless steel dining car

Dine in elegance with china and linen, while our attentive staff attends to your every need.
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Available exclusively to Sleeper class travellers

Stainless steel sleeping car

Let yourself be rocked to sleep in a berth, a cabin for one, two, three or four people, or a suite. You'll enjoy all essential amenities — including a shower in the car. Cabins for two, three or four people feature superimposed beds.
Diagram | 360-degree photos

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