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Canada like you've never seen it!

The Great Western Way

The perfect Canadian experience

There is no better way to travel through Western Canada. From beautiful northern Ontario, to the awe-inspiring area of the Prairies and the stunning majesty of the Rockies, you'll discover a new side to our beautiful country. All from the coziness of your comfortable cabin.

The Adventure Routes

Go on an adventure across Canada

Experience the unique grandeur of Canada like never before with breathtaking voyages into the heart of the Canadian wilderness. Spectacular fauna, remarkable flora – no matter the season, you'll come away feeling refreshed and inspired.

The Maritime way

A comfortable, unforgettable voyage to Eastern Canada

Make your way to Eastern Canada and its one-of-a-kind ecosystems, culture and history. An excursion through diverse, welcoming landscapes and a peaceful and relaxing journey that will immerse you in some of the country's most charming areas.

Ontario and Quebec

Historic sights and modern skylines

Admire the majestic scenery of the route between Ontario and Quebec with stops in urban centres such as Toronto and Montréal.