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Accessible Car - Renaissance Trains

Diagram of the Renaissance car

Car features:


  • An adjustable table is located between the tie-down and seats 4 A-B.
  • The tie-down user travels in reverse direction of travel.
  • The tie-down faces seats 4A et 4B, it will allow the users to travel their escort or family members (which is not the case in the unmodified Renaissance cars).

Accessible Washroom:

  • The door width is 39 in / 99 cm
  • Changing table available

Baggage Towers: (see diagram above)

Fold-up armrests:

  • This enhancement allows the customer travelling with a wheelchair to transfer from his chair to the seat more easily (see the yellow seat numbers in the diagram above).

Lower seat pair:

  • Since these seats are on the floor level and more space is available, please reserve 17 A or B for passengers travelling with assistance animal. The animal will sit on the floor in front of the passenger's seat, therefore, it will no longer be required to book a second seat for the animal.