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Private Railcar Parking

If you own a private railcar, it can be parked at one of our facilities where AMTRAK trains are serviced. VIA Rail cannot haul private railcars.

A request form Logo Adobe Acrobat (PDF) may be sent up to ninety (90) days in advance. Notwithstanding any arrangements made with AMTRAK, VIA Rail must receive the request at least forty-five (45) days prior to the commencement of the service.

VIA Rail will review the request and will submit a quotation.  If the quotation is accepted, VIA Rail will issue a confirmation as well as a formal agreement, which will require the signature of both parties.  The formal agreement must be signed at least twenty (20) days prior to the commencement of service.

The private railcar shall have undergone a Mechanical Equipment Certification.  The client shall provide a valid certificate upon VIA Rail’s request.

To obtain additional information, you may contact:

    Nancy Beaulieu
    Coordinator, Planning and Projects
    (514) 934-7544