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Alliances & Partnerships

Looking to achieve certain strategic goals or fulfill specific business needs? Then consider an alliance or partnership with VIA Rail. In addition to providing your organization with access to major national and international markets, an alliance or partnership with VIA can deliver:

  • Complementary resources, such as additional management skills, data, products, technologies and capital
  • Access to new distribution channels and new markets to help increase awareness and competitiveness of your products and services
  • Reduced product development time and product cost, resulting in faster-to-market products
  • Lower R&D costs and risks
  • More innovative development


Some notable alliances and partnerships with VIA include:

  • Nomad Digital, providing wireless Internet access on board our trains and in stations along the Québec City–Windsor corridor
  • SNCF, the French passenger rail service, has created a partnership with VIA Préférence. For more information, read the official press release.


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