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Triennial Plan

Pursuant to Section 141 of the Canada Transportation Act (hereinafter referred to as the “Act”), VIA Rail implements and regularly updates a publicly available three-year plan concerning rail infrastructure on which it operates. The plan indicates, for the next three years, VIA Rail’s intention to retain or discontinue operations for each of its network’s railway lines. In the event of a discontinuance of operations, VIA Rail follows the appropriate measures as determined by the Act.

The plan is available in the form of a spreadsheet and includes a comprehensive list of the railway lines operated by VIA Rail. The spreadsheet specifies the location of the lines in Canada, their respective length, and the decision made as to their operation. Please note that, as of today, VIA Rail intends to retain the operation of all the railway lines included as part of the plan.


To keep you informed, the plan can be updated on a continual basis. The last update was made on September 17, 2018.

                                                                  VIA Rail Triennial Plan
                                                                As at September 17, 2018
Province Subdivision   From To Total   Status
Quebec Bridge     15.71 15.90 0.19   Retained
Quebec / Ontario Alexandria     0.40 76.43 76.03   Retained
Ontario Beachburg     0.00 6.00 6.00   Retained
Ontario Smiths Falls   0.00 34.40 34.40   Retained
Ontario Brockville     0.10 27.80 27.70   Retained
Ontario Chatham     63.90 105.60 41.70   Retained
Ontario Grimsby     0.35 0.47 0.12   Retained