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Ethics at VIA Rail

The values of trust, integrity and living together are important to VIA Rail. While these values are conveyed daily in everything we do, certain actions, behaviours or speech can cause discomfort or be perceived as questionable, unacceptable or unethical. This is why it is important to have a safe, clear and confidential reporting process. To ensure that our suppliers and the public have a high level of confidentiality for reporting wrongdoing or unethical behaviour, VIA Rail is using ClearView, a widely adopted online platform that will make it possible to report any wrongdoing or unethical behaviour with confidence and in complete anonymity. Reports made through ClearView will automatically be brought to the attention of the Ethics Compliance Officer.


Report wrongdoing or unethical behaviour today:

- Online

- By phone at toll-free number of VIA Rail: 1-833-201-9491

- By mail to the following address:
  P.O. Box 11017
  Toronto, Ontario M1E 1N0


Ethics Commissioner on Modernization Projects

An independent Ethics Commissioner has been appointed to investigate complaints by employees or third parties with respect to allegations of wrongdoings regarding the management of the Corporation’s Modernization Projects and to lead the fair, equitable and expeditious resolution of such complaints. Complaints may be made through the Clearview platform (see above). The allegations will be sorted by the Ethics Compliance Officer and, if related to the Modernization Projects, will be relayed to the Ethics Commissioner for investigation.