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Fundraising and Sponsorship Requests

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VIA Rail Canada: social and community involvement

VIA Rail connects more than 400 communities and plays an important role in Canada’s social and economic development. It provides essential transport services in rural areas and employs thousands of Canadians across the country. Our community involvement does not stop there.

VIA Rail has always contributed to the promotion of events, fundraisers and fundraising activities within the many communities it serves across the country. It is with pride that we continue this tradition.

To be eligible for a sponsorship or partnership with VIA Rail, an organization must:

1.    Be a non-profit organization.

2.     Request an in-kind contribution in the form of train tickets. (VIA Rail makes no financial contribution.)

3.    Offer visibility or other compensation of equal value to VIA Rail.

4.    Allow VIA Rail to reach one of its target audiences:

       a. business customers;
       b. tourists;
       c. youth.

5.    Propose an initiative that corresponds to one of VIA Rail’s three partnership pillars:

       a. Canadian Heritage: initiatives that enhance the knowledge of our passengers about the country, its culture and/or its history.

       b. Youth: initiatives that encourage young Canadians to discover their country and provide them with opportunities for learning, social involvement and civic responsibility while supporting their projects and leadership.

       c. Community and diversity: initiatives that connect and serve Canada's diverse communities.

6.    Demonstrate anaffinity of values and mandate with VIA Rail Canada.

Given the large number of schools at the primary and secondary levels, it is impossible for us to support their fundraising activities. Also note that VIA Rail does not offer trips to individuals.

Please fill out the below form with as much precise information as possible so that your request can be properly assessed. The result of the evaluation will be sent within 45 days of the event. All requests must be made at least 90 days prior to your event.

Please be sure to follow all steps of the Sponsorship Form and click "Submit." An email with a reference number will be automatically sent. VIA Rail reserves the right to decline any application for sponsorship or partnership.

Thank you for your proposal.

PLEASE NOTE: We have changed our sponsorship process for sponsorships under $5000. Going forward the organization will receive confirmation of the prize as well as a digital package (banners can be requested). The Ticket Voucher or Travel Credit will be couriered to the winner or traveller after the event. The organization is responsible to provide us with the travellers name, winners name and address in order for us to send the voucher or credit.