VIA Rail Reaffirms Commitment to the Environment through Earth Day Partnership

Montreal, April 18, 2008– Reaffirming its commitment to the environment, VIA Rail Canada has announced that it will partner with Earth Day Quebec to raise public awareness of the challenges facing all Canadians in light of climate change and other pressing environmental issues. VIA Rail has also begun a series of modifications and improvements to its equipment and operations in order to reduce the corporation’s ecological footprint.


At the Heart of the Environment and Canadian Communities VIA Rail Canada provides a responsible and ecological transportation choice. By choosing VIA, you are making a decision that reduces the environmental impact of your travel.

In most cases, the train offers a clear advantage over other modes: every train car added to accommodate more passengers requires very little extra fuel consumption, generating lower average greenhouse gas emissions per person.

Green Choice


As Canada's national passenger rail service, our mandate is to provide efficient and cost effective train travel to more than 450 communities across Canada.

But travellers also turn to VIA Rail as an alternative means of travel that is respectful of the environment.

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