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VIA Rail Canada: social and community involvement

VIA Rail connects more than 400 communities and plays an important role in Canada’s social and economic development. It provides essential transport services in rural areas and employs thousands of Canadians across the country. Our community involvement does not stop there.

VIA Rail has always contributed to the promotion of events, fundraisers and fundraising activities within the many communities it serves across the country. It is with pride that we continue this tradition.


At VIA, we believe we have a role to play in building a better world for future generations, and we strive to make a real difference in the communities we call home. Often, that difference is in the interest of the environment; other times, it is through other types of community service.

For example, VIA Rail and Youth Science Foundation Canada partnered to create EnviroExpo, a national competition in which students combine the disciplines of art and science to address today’s environmental challenges.