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Toronto & Montréal - Eat, drink, be merry!

History and culture. Architecture and design. Gastronomy and festivals. Luxury and simple pleasures.

Want to understand the cultural diversity and creative expression that defines Canada's identity? Then a visit to Toronto and Montréal, two of its most cosmopolitan cities, is a must.

Toronto: Canada's largest city

Toronto & Vancouver - Epic Canadian train journey!

Skyscrapers and mountain peaks. Center ice and glacial lakes. Big stars… and big sky prairies.

Book an iconic train journey between two of Canada’s most cosmopolitan cities, and take in three days of shining lakes, vast forests, sweeping prairies, soaring mountains and ocean shores.


Montréal & Halifax - Ocean views!

Cathedrals and lighthouses. Caleche rides and tall ships. Cuisine du terroir and down-home cooking.

Contrast Montréal’s European flair with Halifax’s renowned maritime warmth with a trip by train on the Ocean!

Montréal: the Paris of North America

Winnipeg & Churchill - Arctic adventure!

Polar bears and belugas. Northern Lights and midnight sun. Limitless prairies and rugged tundra.

Curious about Canada’s vast unspoiled wilderness? Pack your warmest clothes for a jaunt to the Great White North!

Winnipeg: Gateway to the west