VIA Rail Canada


1.        What is a personal article?

Articles such as laptops and small backpacks are considered as personal articles.

2.        What is a carry-on bag?

A carry-on bag is an article that you can bring on board that must be stored under the seat in front of you or above your seat in a bin or on a luggage rack.

Free WiFi

VIA Rail is proud to provide complimentary Wi-Fi service on board most of its trains, in its Business station lounges and in select stations in the Québec City – Windsor corridor.

New! Travellers on the Ocean train (Montréal – Halifax) are now also able to enjoy free Wi-Fi in the service cars adjacent to the dining car.

Ottawa-Québec train – Description

VIA attendant selling beverages from her trolley You flip your laptop open and log in to your Wi-Fi account, eager to have some uninterrupted work time on the train. E-mail to answer, research to conduct for your next report, your favourite blogs to catch up on.

Chartered cars

VIA Rail’s chartered car service provides a unique travel experience for groups by offering the use of a personalized rail car to get your meetings and events on the right track.


Courier service (VIAPAQ)

VIAPAQ Courier service is no longer available.

Montreal - Trudeau Airport Shuttle

With the Montreal - Trudeau Airport Shuttle, there's no stress, no hassles, no road congestion, no driving in inclement weather, and impeccable service is included in the price.

Take advantage of our free shuttle service when you wish to travel between VIA's Dorval station and Montréal-Trudeau International Airport.

Gift Card Program

Give the gift of travel! VIA Rail’s B2B Gift Card Program.

VIA Rail gift cards are the perfect gift for corporate rewards, incentive and loyalty programs. Show your appreciation with the gift of travel.


This is a review of VIA Rail Canada’s operations, performance and financial position for the quarter and year to date ended June 30, 2011, compared with the quarter and year to date ended June 30, 2010. It should be read in conjunction with the unaudited financial statements and notes.

Community and Governance

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of 14 persons. 13 members are appointed by the Government of Canada whereas the President and Chief Executive Officer is an ex-officio member of the Board. The Board is responsible for overseeing the strategic direction and management of the Corporation, and reports on VIA’s operations to the Minister of Transport.

Key Performance Indicators

VIA’s managers use six (6) key performance indicators to monitor operational performance. These indicators are shared each month with employees, and help to identify areas where the corporation is performing well, and areas where improvements are needed. In the second quarter of 2011 performance improved on all but one of these measures, compared with the second quarter of 2010.