Classes and services on board

I can't find my class of service. Have the names changed?

VIA Rail renamed its classes a few years ago to make it easier for you to understand the difference between the various classes and to make a more informed decision.

Please consult the following table to view the changes:

Before Now
Comfort class Economy class
VIA 1 class Business class
Totem de luxe class Touring class
Silver & Blue class Sleeper Plus class
Easterly class Sleeper Plus class
Comfort sleeper class Sleeper Plus class


Where can I find information on first class travel in Québec and Ontario?

Whether you're travelling for business or pleasure, choose Business class for a superior on-board experience. You'll enjoy exclusive access to pre-boarding lounges in major stations, priority boarding, a delicious three-course meal included in the price of your ticket, wireless Internet access and more!

To find out if Business class is available on your departures in southern Ontario and southern Québec, visit our online booking engine

Do you offer Wireless Internet?

Yes! You can now take advantage of wireless Internet access in both Business class and Economy class on nearly all trains in the Québec City-Windsor corridor. And don't forget - you can also access this service in Panorama lounges and in major stations such as those in Toronto, Montréal, Ottawa and Québec City.

Get more information.

Do you serve food and refreshments?

The types of meals available vary greatly depending on the train and the class of service. For more information about the food and refreshments being served on your train, visit our meals section.

Do you offer seat assignment?

Seats are assigned in Economy class and Business class on certain trains.

If your booking confirmation does not show a seat number, you may choose your seat when you board the train.

Accommodations are always assigned on all of our trains.