Toronto-Vancouver train - Overview

The Canadian - Beauty takes no shortcuts - It has taken millions of years for the nature to shape our beautiful landscape - and the Canadian is not taking any shortcuts in unveiling it to you.
The Canadian - Beauty takes no shortcuts - We know that it has taken millions of years for nature to take shape, and we want to offer you an experience that's just as memorable as the one nature has in store.
The Canadian - A menu that will carry you away - Whether you want to have breakfast with the rising sun or enjoy a starlit dinner, all our delicious meals are cooked on board by our talented chef.
The Canadian - Every seat is a front row seat - Charming surroundings, memorable encounters, and attentive personnel that is, at all times, courteous - travelling on board the Canadian provides an unparalleled experience and unforgettable views.
The Canadian - A historic train

Beauty takes no shortcuts

It will take you thousands of kilometres to catch your breath after you see the legendary scenery that has made the Canadian one of the most renowned long-distance journeys in the world.


" VIA Rail’s transcontinental journey provides awesome meals along with breathtaking scenery. "

New York Daily News


" …The magnificent unfolding landscape, wrapped in the enduring mystique of retracing Canada’s history. "

The Globe and Mail

Landscape and Train

The Canadian :
a unique train and trip

It is among the most renowned trains in the world. This legendary train linking Toronto to Vancouver now appears on the Canadian $10 bill of the Bank of Canada. Whether it’s breathtaking views, friendly service or world-class food, this train has been creating unforgettable moments for decades, for over a hundred thousand passengers every year.

Between 2010 and 2012, more than 22 million dollars have gone into its modernization. Today, VIA Rail is proud to welcome travelers on board a Canadian that is even more beautiful, more comfortable and still just as welcoming.

Landscape and Train

4,466 kilometres
to catch your breath

Enjoy breathtaking scenery every second of the journey between Canada's largest city and the Pacific coast on board the Canadian. In the space of four days, you’ll get to see the lush boreal forest, the lakes in Northern Ontario, the western Prairies, and the magnificent Rocky Mountains.

On board The Canadian, you’ll discover the beauty of Canada’s landscape and cities at a pace that allows you to be in-tune with the nature around you.


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