Winnipeg–Churchill train – Classes and trains cars


Discover the landscapes and wildlife of northern Manitoba from your comfortable seat aboard the Winnipeg-Churchill train.

Choose Economy class to enjoy spacious seating and a spectacular view through large picture windows.

Choose Sleeper Plus class for that added comfort for overnight travel and the meals included throughout the journey.

DON’T KNOW WHICH CLASS TO CHOOSE? Compare the conveniences to which you have access in each class.
Feature Economy class Sleeper Plus class
Spacious seat Yes Yes
Meals included   Yes
Dining car Yes Yes
Children’s menu Yes Yes
Baggage service Yes Yes
Cosy accommodations, including a couch or armchairs, as well as a bed or superimposed beds No Yes
Access to a shower No Yes

Sleeper Plus class

  • Cosy accommodations in a berth, a cabin for one, two, three or four people.
  • Meals included throughout the journey.
  • Special in-room touches, including shower kit and ear plugs.
  • Access to an on-board shower.
Sleeper Plus room - Day configuration Sleeper Plus room - Night configuration Sleeper Plus room - Day configuration Exterior of the train on the rail

By travelling in Sleeper Plus class, you will have access to the following cars:

Stainless steel sleeping car

Let yourself be rocked to sleep in a berth, a cabin for one, two, three or four people, or a ensuite. You'll enjoy all essential amenities — including a shower in the car. Cabins for two, three or four people feature superimposed beds.
Diagram | 360-degree photos

Also view:

Upper and lower berths
Cabin for one
Cabin for two
Cabin for three
Cabin for four

Economy class

  • Competitive fares for budget travellers.
  • Comfortable seats with room to move, stretch and relax.
  • Light cold and hot meals, snacks, hot and cold drinks and alcoholic beverages available for purchase.
  • Possibility to purchase a blanket and pillow kit for $10.00 which includes a polar fleece blanket, earplugs, a neck pillow and eyeshades.
Train Passengers within in Economy class Passangers sleeping on their reclined seats Exterior of the train to a station

By travelling in Economy class, you will have access to the following cars:

Stainless steel car (Economy class)

Our spacious Economy class cars allow you to travel long distances in complete comfort. Sit up and watch the scenery, or lie back and fall asleep.
Diagram | 360-degree photos

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