Green Choice


As Canada's national passenger rail service, our mandate is to provide efficient and cost effective train travel to more than 450 communities across Canada.

But travellers also turn to VIA Rail as an alternative means of travel that is respectful of the environment.

Did you know that...

  • While the transportation industry was responible for more than 26 % of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions produced in Canada in 2005, VIA was responsible for only 0.03 % ?
  • Motorists produced 13 % of all greenhouse gas emissions in Canada?

Help reduce air pollution and GHG emissions by choosing VIA!

As a green choice, VIA has great potential to:

  • Reduce congestion and the production of greenhouse gases on the highways linking Canada’s major urban centres
  • Provide integrated intermodal transportation with a small ecological footprint.

For more information about alternative modes of transport, please visit the Environment Canada web site.